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Limiting Beliefs

The program this past week at my rotary eClub (One World Rotary) was about William Kamkwamba, a young Malawian who at the age of fourteen, from items he acquired at the junk yard, built a windmill to pump water and another to create electricity in order to help his family survive a significant famine the area was then enduring. William said that initially most people, including his own mother, thought he was crazy. But he persevered, achieved his goal, and … Continue Reading

Modern values

The founding fathers’ core values were:

  • industriousness
  • honesty
  • religiosity
  • marriage

Some have suggested that our straying from these values, especially these last two, as the cause for decline in our country and world in the modern era. But is going back the answer?

Perhaps the more modernized list should be:

  • productivity (let’s a person choose to work smart or hard)
  • honesty (timeless)
  • introspection (whether through religion or other means)
  • financial security and close friends (whether through marriage or not)


Why procrastinate?

I’m procrastinating. Which is true?

  • I don’t know what to do
  • I don’t know how to do it
  • I don’t have the authority or the resources to do it
  • I’m afraid

Rover Qualified just launched

Just put up a new site at www.roverqualified.com.

I plan, in the future, to implement a business idea I have for consultants. For now, I’m just building a site meant to test reaction to certain actions on my part in the area of links, content and meta information.


Using Moodle to put your educational content online

If you have educational content that you’d like to put online, commercially or just to share, I recommend you give Moodle a look. The array of tools available for this sort of task is somewhat daunting. There are paid, open source and freemium options available, and they come under various genre names— typically along the lines of Learning Management System (LMS) or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

Moodle, an acronym from modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment, is open source software for developing an online course. It has some key advantages but also a couple of drawbacks. Here’s a summary.

It’s free. You can … Continue Reading

Announcing Money Savvy Teen!!

One of my ventures, Money Savvy Teen, has just been launched. It’s a new a personal-finance e-learning course for young people. Check it out at www.moneysavvyteen.com.

Applying the 80/20 Rule From Both Sides

The 80/20 rule is applied in countless ways and, when looked at from two points of view in product management, might better be thought of as the 20/60/20 Rule.

When specifying features for a product, I commonly consider whether or not to spec to the top 20% — the Power Users who will want a very full-featured product and pay a premium for it, or to the bottom 80% — the Masses, who won’t pay as much but require more basic functionality. But if you cut the market from the other side, you know that while 80% of the market might … Continue Reading

Penny-wise, brand-foolish

Are you?

NITHY works in meetings too

NITHY works in meetings too

The concept of NITHY (New Information That Helps You) headlines to get someone’s attention can work in meetings too. Especially when it’s hard to get a word in edgewise. Just distill what you want to say into a headline. When you find that small gap in the dialog, you just insert the headline.

If it’s powerful enough, then even if someone else speaks at the same time, your comment will be the one people will respond to. In my experience, you’ll know when you’ve been successful because the eyes in … Continue Reading

Tater Tot Casserole #1

Tater Tots from Mash Up #1

  • Write your own business bio. Pre-tell your own story to plan your career.
  • Test your headlines too.
    Headline: “New Info That Helps You”.
    Headlines Should Be NITHY not Pithy.
  • Weekly corporate mash up might be a good idea. Each team member contributes one potato. Team is given time to digest and jot down tater tots. Tater tots are discussed and new ones are created.

You can see the original potatoes here.