Limiting Beliefs

The program this past week at my rotary eClub (One World Rotary) was about William Kamkwamba, a young Malawian who at the age of fourteen, from items he acquired at the junk yard, built a windmill to pump water and another to create electricity in order to help his family survive a significant famine the area was then enduring. William said that initially most people, including his own mother, thought he was crazy. But he persevered, achieved his goal, and ultimately gained the support and admiration of those around him and eventually the world.

It struck me that William’s feat was not so much about his special genius as it was about not having the limiting belief that he couldn’t accomplish his goal. This concept of the limiting belief was one that had come up recently from the leader of my current project, Paul Marino of Impress Communications. Paul founded Impress some twenty years ago and has built it into a successful printing and integrated marketing business. Looking back at his story (and his plans for the future for those of us in the know) you’ll find that same characteristic—a nature largely devoid of limiting beliefs.

Fast forward to today and we have me Stumble Upon a blog post that has a line that beliefs are “nothing but opinions one refuses to reconsider.” Now, I’m not sure I quite agree with that characterization but it drives home the power of our beliefs in defining our success. And it made me think.

If you find you can’t achieve your professional goal, Step One might be to reconsider your limiting belief.